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Using Darkness to Create Light with Adesuwas Garden

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My Story

Adesuwa’s Garden is unique in that it tells a major story, of various little pieces of my own life that was cultivated over time, to create this brand. My love for the sunflower started 3 years ago, from a shady place, in both the inside and outside of me. And I've been using it to evolve, and to create light and community ever since. 



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Every seed you plant is important. Even though it doesn’t take root and sprout immediately

What's In My Bag- Skin Care

Hello Sunshine,


Here are my top skin care products I am currently using to keep my skin popping and looking fresh. Enjoy!

Blurry Boundaries? Stuck in a Rut?

Are you struggling with setting boundaries for yourself and others? Are you going through a transitional period in life and you're not sure what's next? Sometimes all you need to do is remove certain things from mind, body and sight. Easier said than done.

Coming Soon: Digital Book Club

Coming Janaury 1st, 2020.. I will be starting a digital book club. We will be reading personal development books, and taking part in interactive activities.

 aim to be the leader and innovate

Fail Your Way Forward and Build Your Wings on the Way Down